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Hire an experienced technician for backflow testing

Joey Wallberg is our dedicated backflow tester here at Apex Plumbing & Mechanical Piping. Joey makes sure that drinking water is safe for homes, apartment complexes, offices and all other types of properties in the Yakima, Toppenish and Sunnyside, WA areas. Thanks to his years of experience, he is able to provide effective and reliable backflow testing services.

Don't risk hiring a less-qualified technician for your city water backflow testing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.x

Let us take care of an important job for you

Backflow testing is one of those jobs that you simply can’t afford to neglect. It’s important to keep up with routine city water backflow testing because:

  • City codes require backflow testing to be completed yearly
  • Backflow preventers can get damaged unexpectedly
  • Water that’s been exposed to backflow is unsafe to drink

Schedule backflow testing services today to make sure your building is in compliance with city codes and your water is safe to use.